Blockscad 1.8.1

Byjennie,June 27,2017

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BlocksCAD 1.8.1 is here!  New features:

  • Text can now be centered.  
    • Uncentered text works the same as it always did.  The text is along the X-axis to the right of the origin (0,0), as if written on the Y-axis.  This text can go below the X axis for some characters (similar to if you are writing on a ruled page, and some letters like 'j', 'g', etc extend below the line).
    • Centered text is centered in X and Y, but not Z.  The center is computed given the total height and width of the text being rendered.  If you center two words "jjj" and "aaa", the letters will appear to be rendered on slightly different "lines", because the 'j' character would have extended below the line in a regular line of text, while  the "a" character did not.
  • The "clean up blocks" function (accessed by right-clicking on the main workspace) now moves the cleaned-up column of blocks to the upper-left corner of your workspace, instead of putting it at the (0,0) part of your workspace, which could be anywhere depending on how you'd dragged the workspace around while designing.

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BlocksCAD 1.8.3 is here!  New features:

  • Norwegian translation
  • Spanish translation
  • double-click on a block to add and open a comment on it.  Faster than right-click -> "add comment" -> click on comment icon.
Published by: jennie
Published: May 29, 2017

We've added Google Login to BlocksCAD.    We've revamped the registration and login pages, and you now have the option to sign in through Google.  What does that mean?