Just The Basics Manual
This manual covers the very basics of using BlocksCAD, from creating shapes, moving shapes around, and working with code.

BlocksCAD for Education Manual
This manual covers using your BlocksCAD for Education account, from creating classes to gathering and editing student work.

Summaries of the Available BlocksCAD Lessons, by Series

The Intro Series is intended as an introduction to programming and creating models in BlocksCAD. The activities are suitable for grades 3-12.
Intro Series Lesson Summaries

The Math Series is a set of Common Core Math Standard-aligned lessons, with handouts to go with, covering a wide variety of math topics. The activities are suitable for grades 3-12
Math Series Lesson Summaries

Access these lessons electronically from within any class by clicking the "Assignments" tab.

High-resolution images of the blocks (both singly, and in block category groups), intended for printing on a color printer.

A .pdf file with images of all blocks. These are ready to print 8.5x11 inch sheets. All blocks are to the same scale.