Take after school to the next level using BlocksCAD!

BlocksCAD is a simple to use, powerful and exciting 3D programmatic design tool that empowers students to explore the world of math and coding! 

BlocksCAD is the perfect addition to any after school program

Become the coolest part of any students day by bringing BlocksCAD to your makerspace, library, or after school program! Through BlocksCAD students will learn how to use the power of math and coding to create exciting and innovative 3D models. 

Don't have a 3D printer?

Thats okay! BlocksCAD is more than just 3D printing software, it is a space where students can create, and watch 3D concepts come to life. If your students still want to print their designs, we can help you find a 3D printing service that's right for you! 

New to the world of 3D printing and coding?

No problem! Click below to explore BlocksCAD's professional development courses, and learn how you can become a BlocksCAD expert in as few as 4 hours