BlocksCAD and SolidWorks Apps for Kids



A comprehensive STEAM experience that takes young students all the way from ideation to engineering!

ScoutBlocksCAD is a 3D design platform that emphasizes integration of computer science and mathematics into a programmatic design process. The SOLIDWORKDS Apps for Kids suite allows students to quickly sculpt and decorate creative 3D models with a hands-on / vector based approach.

The actual 3D models built in Apps for Kids - or simply the ideas unearthed in the sandbox-style ideation of Style It - can then be imported or recreated into BlocksCAD. Here students use block-based code to mathematically engineer their designs, providing a standards-aligned experience to the building process.

Educators can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and its incredible potential as a learning tool with Apps for Kids Classroom! Teachers, parents, mentors, makers, after-school activity organizers, and more can all utilize Apps for Kids Classroom to organize self-contained classes and teach their students the principles of design and engineering.

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Example Lessons





Wearable Devices
Prototype and decorate a wearable smart device.
New Food

Explore the idea of new types of scientifically designed foods.

Robotic Drones

Design the body and arms of a drone, using modularity in BlocksCAD.

New Jewelry

Sculpt a jewel and then program a piece of jewelry to add it to. 

Model Home

Design and arrange the furniture for a new home. 

Electric Cars

Study and research how electric cars work, to engineer the next model.

Electric Cars (Mech It)
Study and research how electric cars work, to engineer the next model with Mech it.
Evolution of Cars
Recreate the history of automobile design by modeling both futuristic and antique vehicles.
Household Robots
Design the latest robotic aid to help people with household chores.
Industrial Robots (Mech It)
Design the latest robotic device to support industrial processes and mass manufacturing.
Medical Devices: Genetic Replication
Study and model the genetic replication processes that rule both viruses and human cells.
Medical Devices: Immunization & Protection
Research and redesign medical devices for immunization and protection from future epidemics.
Medical Devices: Prosthesis
Create a prosthetic device to help patients overcome their disabilities in a comfortable way.
Medical Devices: Pulmonary Diseases
Study and model the pulmonary system to understand its inner workings and weaknesses.
Scuba Diving
Build scuba diving equipment with design and mathematical thinking.
Sea Boat Builder
Build small and large scale boats taking into account sustainability concerns and design decisions.
Solar Power
Model and prototype small and large scale devices that harness and store solar energy.
Sustainable Cities
Redesign your local city to make it more sustainable and protect the environment.
Wind Power
Build a wind energy farm, from the design of a custom blade to the replication of windmills.


Projects in Spanish:


Nombre de la actividad Descripción
Diseño automotriz
Recrea la historia del diseño automotriz, reconstruyendo los modelos más antiguos y los vehículos más futuristas.
Robots de la casa

Diseña un novedoso robot para ayudar con las tareas del hogar.

Inmunización y protección

Estudia y pon en práctica el diseño de herramientas médicas de inmunización y protección para proteger a poblaciones de enfermedades.

Robots Industriales

Diseña un brazo robótico destinado a procesos industriales.

Replicación Genética

Estudia y modela los procesos de replicación genética que gobiernan tanto a los virus como a nuestras células.

Equipo de buceo

Modela equipo de buceo especializado de precisión utilizando pensamiento de diseño y matemática.

Ingeniería naval

Modela embarcaciones sostenibles de pequeña y gran escala.

Ciudades sustentables
Rediseña la ciudad donde vives y transfórmala en una urbe sustentable para proteger el medio ambiente.