Students and Parents

Whether you’re looking to design items for your personal 3D printer, enhance math and programming learning for your child, or support what your child is already learning in school, BlocksCAD is free, web-based CAD that anybody can use for creating, and for learning.

BlocksCad Computer
Everybody Can Learn and Create with BlocksCAD

Whether it’s combining simple shapes or creating complex math-based art, BlocksCAD is an ideal CAD program for all sorts of users. It’s simple to learn, but with complex programming and mathematical functions embedded in the tool, it can grow with a student as they develop their math and programming know-how.

BlocksCad computer
Getting Started is Simple

Just drag the shape you want to start with to your work space, and use function blocks to manipulate the shapes any way you’d like. With this type of parametric CAD, you’ll soon be using variables and loops to program intricate artistic shapes, or precise & practical parts.

BlocksCad 3d printing
Join our Community!

Learn and grow with our BlocksCAD community. Share your projects and ideas, or get questions answered through our forums and blogs. We want everybody to experience a safe and supportive learning environment, so please check out our terms of use and policies here.