BlocksCAD: Pizza Printer

during Hour of CodeTM

Dec. 3rd - 9th

Math     Coding      Design

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Pizza Printer Exploration Demo Video


Description: Students will code a module that can create a pizza, and then will incorporate a variable for size so that their “recipe” is adaptable to different pizza orders. They will answer questions about customers’ orders that have them calculate circumference and area of their pizzas. They will use loops and other creative design to add toppings to their pizza.


CC 7.G.4: Know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle and use them to solve problems

CSTA 2-AP-11: Create clearly named variables that represent different data types and perform operations on their values

CSTA 2-AP-12: Design and iteratively develop programs that combine control structures, including nested loops and compound conditionals

CSTA 2-AP-14: Create procedures with parameters to organize code and make it easier to reuse


Email to learn more about our 7th grade curriculum. Lessons cover similarity, cross sections, circle area, prism volumes, and more!

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