Help inspire your students in STEM with BlocksCAD and 3D Printing. Our easy-to-learn, educational 3D CAD software is web-based and designed to support computational thinking, spatial reasoning, 3D geometry, programming, and other advanced math concepts.

Teacher explains BlocksCAD to students
Supporting All Learners.

Our user-friendly, blocks-based interface makes it easy for elementary students to dive right in and start creating, but robust enough to support high schoolers in programming and advanced math. Instant visual feedback, the opportunity for creative expression, coupled with the excitement of 3D printing encourages learning in all students.

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Professional Development Opportunities, Curriculum Ideas, & More

BlocksCAD Professional Development:

Learn to use the BlocksCAD tool, how to incorporate it into a classroom setting, and receive curriculum for various grade-ranges and applications.

In-person, or webinar-based training available
Half-Day and Full-Day programs
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From Makerspace, to the Classroom and Beyond.

Whether your school has a fully functioning makerspace, a 3D printer, or just a travelling cart of chromebooks, BlocksCAD can offer students alternative visual learning opportunities to motivate them to gain math, programming and computational thinking skills. They can even take what they learn in school, and continue at home. Our tool is device neutral, web-based and free to use.