BlocksCAD Webinars

Back-to-School Webinars
Fall courses

BlocksCAD offers virtual, small group live courses! Students use math and computer science skills to design and build 3D objects. It’s been shown that students who use BlocksCAD improve math skills and they enjoy it so much they continue building outside of class time! 

Learn more about our virtual courses and other options for learning during our free webinar on September 22 at 6PM ET (you can sign up to receive a recording!).

Administrator Demos

Are you a school or district administrator? We'd love to share BlocksCAD with you and your team of teachers! Email to schedule a time for a 20-30 minute demo catered to your interests. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this be useful if I've never used BlocksCAD?

YES! We will give you an initial training and additional resources to learn more. We want you to feel comfortable enough with the software to introduce it to your students. 

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. Maybe sign up for another time when you know you are available...Or reach out to us directly! We don't record our webinars so I won't be able to email you a copy.

What should I do before the webinar?

You should create a free account before or after the webinar to get started using BlocksCAD.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and ask them live or using the chat window during the session.