Error Messages

Missing fields

  • Message: X blocks have empty fields
  • Solution: Find the highlighted blocks and disable them or add math blocks to the problematic slots.

Mixing 3D and 2D

  • Message: both 2D and 3D objects are present. There can be only one.
  • Solution: Extrude 2D objects into 3D objects, or disable all of the 2D or 3D objects.

Nothing to render

  • Message: Nothing to Render
  • Solution: Add or enable some primitives.
  • NOTE: it is possible to have shapes to render but end up with an empty viewer, for example:

Negative Dimensions

  • Message: Radius/Dimension should be positive
  • Solution: Find the primitives with a negative math block and make it > 0.

Mismatched Arguments

  • Message: Wrong Arguments
  • Solution: The value of a variable in your blocks is not set. Set the value.

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